Let Us Help You After Your Auto Accident!

No one wants to experience a car accident. It is one of the scariest experiences a person can go through. Many automobile survivors are often left to deal with both physical and emotional scars. The process of treating these injuries sometimes takes a much longer time than expected. While it is true that no one wants to go through an accident, knowing where to get help or to refer a relative or friend in the event of a car accident, can make a big difference in your recovery process or that of your loved one.

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Let Us Help You After Your Auto Accident!

Car accident-related injuries are the most common type of injury received by YOUR PRACTICE NAME. Whiplash is high on the list, followed by broken bones, cuts, concussions, ligament damage and internal injuries. Our bodies are not designed to endure the full impact of a car accident. The unexpected tossing of the body in different directions can cause severe back injury straining the spinal cord and neck muscles. This can affect the nerves, causing stiffness and pain which may affect the functioning of other parts of the body.

Many injuries can occur to individuals who are involved in auto accidents. After an accident, many feel that their injuries are minor if they cannot be seen or immediately felt. All too often, those who are injured in an automobile accident ignore back, joint, muscle and neck pain, headaches, and other symptoms. However, these seemingly insignificant pains may be signs of larger problems such as tissue fibrosis or whiplash.

Minor injuries can become chronic conditions if they are not treated. If these injuries turn into chronic conditions, sufferers may lose some to all flexibility and function in the injured area. Our team approach to Healthcare can help relieve auto accident sufferers from the pain associated with injuries before they cause long-term discomfort and pain.

Auto accidents at even low speeds can create a surprisingly forceful impact. The trauma of hard, fast movements can cause arm and wrist inflexibility, numbness, pain, and swelling due to fractures, sprains, tendinitis, or referred spinal and nerve injuries. Untreated injuries may even lead to fever, nausea, and more severe symptoms. Our team can evaluate arm and wrist pain to determine the type of injury and create an effective treatment plan.


Whiplash comes about when the head is suddenly hurled back and forth or sideways in an accident. These impulsive movements can cause the muscles, ligaments, and tissues around the neck and back area to be pulled beyond their capability. The symptoms of whiplash include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, migraines, and stiffness. Whereas some people may experience these symptoms right away, others may take days or weeks.

Unfortunately, many people don’t seek treatment immediately after a crash, especially if they are not in pain or do not experience any visible injury. Most of them tend to resume their daily routine unless they have suffered obvious bodily injury. It is reported that many car accident survivors will later complain of backaches and body pains days after the accident. However, by that time some complications may have developed, leading to serious or permanent damage.

Take a whiplash injury, for example, it can take weeks to months before the symptoms become noticeable. While you may think you are uninjured, you might only realize later that you have developed a lifetime problem that compromises your well being. This is why it’s absolutely important to have yourself examined by a medical professional to rule out any internal injuries you might have suffered, but which you may be oblivious of. All kinds of injuries need to be taken seriously, however minor they may seem to your untrained, non-medical eye.

Back / Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain – A sudden impact can hurt the back and neck’s spinal joints plus the muscles that surround these joints. A tender back, neck stiffness, muscle spasms, and tissue swelling are very common symptoms of back and neck injuries. Sufferers may even notice psychological symptoms like memory loss, poor concentration, irritability, and fatigue. The sooner  treatment is started after an auto accident, the more likely a serious back or neck injury can be avoided.


Even though headaches are not visible to the eye, they are often a sign of a more severe problem. Injuries that lead to headaches include blows to the head, a concussion, and spinal disc compression. Whether the headache lasts for a short amount of time or continues to persist, suffers need to be examined to check for brain swelling and internal bleeding to discover the root cause of the headaches.

Joint Inflammation and Tissue Fibrosis

Joint Inflammation and Tissue Fibrosis – Joint and tissue injuries can result from heavy impacts. Tissue fibrosis, or scarring, happens as the body repairs itself. Without treatment, tissue fibrosis can cause a painful, chronic condition. Specific Medical techniques that increase blood circulation can reduce joint and muscle inflammation and tension as well as tissue fibrosis.

Leg Pain

Leg pain and injuries can be devastating. In some cases, it can take months for an injured leg to heal after an auto accident. Sudden impacts stress the bones and joints, which may cause damaged ligaments, dislocated knees, and broken bones. Spinal injuries may even cause numbness, pain, and weakness throughout the leg. Prompt medical therapy and rehabilitation can relieve pinched nerves, prevent chronic pain, and reduce the likelihood of injury-related arthritis.

Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder pain occurs soon right after an auto accident. Bruises, fractures, and rotator cuff tears are common causes of this pain. Numbness, swelling, tenderness, and restricted movement in the shoulder area should be addressed by a chiropractor as soon as possible. At Pinnacle Physical Medicine, we can tailor therapeutic exercises in order to improve shoulder pain and function.

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