Back Pain Treatment After Your Auto Accident

Do you have back pain from a car accident in Salem, OR? Are you looking for pain relief? Are you curious about pain management and other types of treatments? Chiropractic treatment reduces back pain and many other symptoms.

Our chiropractors specialize in these types of treatments. In fact, our chiropractic doctors have been treating patients injured in auto accidents for over 15 years.

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Treat Your Back Pain ASAP

During an auto collision, the impact causes spinal injuries. The joints and ligaments of the spine are stretched and torn, causing lower back pain after a car crash. After an auto collision, getting treatment quickly is very important. Don’t let your auto accident pain linger and cause you distress for years to come.

Our back pain treatment focuses on healing the body with chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, massage and other types of therapy.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people have back pain at least once. Fortunately, you can take measures to prevent or relieve most back pain episodes. If prevention fails, simple home treatment and proper body mechanics often will heal your back within a few weeks and keep it functional for the long haul. Surgery is rarely needed to treat back pain. Symptoms include:


Muscle ache


Shooting / stabbing pain


Pain that radiates down your leg


Limited flexibility or range of motion of the back

Even though your back pain may gradually improves with home treatment and self-care, usually within two weeks the symptoms maybe gone but the underlining cause of the pain may still be there. It is wise to see your doctor.

In rare cases, back pain can signal a serious medical problem. Seek immediate care if your back pain: 

  • Causes new bowel or bladder problems 
  • Is accompanied by fever 
  • Follows a fall, blow to your back or other injury 
  • Is severe and doesn’t improve with rest 
  • Spreads down one or both legs, especially if the pain extends below the knee 
  • Causes weakness, numbness or tingling in one or both legs 
  • Is accompanied by unexplained weight loss 

Also, see your doctor if you start having back pain for the first time after age 50, or if you have a history of cancer, osteoporosis, steroid use, or drug or alcohol abuse.

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Chiropractic Back Pain Treatments:


Pain Management

By reducing inflammation and muscle soreness, our doctors are very effective in treating pain from auto injuries.


Massage Therapy

We have training in various soft tissue techniques, including post isometric relaxation (PIR), trigger point therapy and more…


Physical Therapy

Our doctors will work with you one on one to create a customized exercise plan for you based on your specific conditions. 

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