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If you're considering chiropractic and exercise therapy for the first time by a license chiropractor, you probably have a lot of questions about the stages of healing involved. Make sure you're completely prepared for your first visit - click the link below to learn more. New Patient Center

 Unconventional Healing

  Discover a wellness program that improves your body's overall health to reduce the risk of pain and illness, rather than attacking the disease as it occurs. Learn more about the pain-relief professionals working to heal you at Healthy Back Chiropractic. About Us

30 Years Experience

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Our healing ministry utilizes specialized methods for both chiropractic and nutritional health. Using a combination of manual and mechanical correctional methods we restore your spine, and your body, to its natural state of wellness. Dr. Owen has been a practicing chiropractor in Salem for over 30 years! Stop by today! Procedures & Techniques

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Get excellent pain-relieving treatment that works to dismantle the problem at its source rather than hiding the symptoms. We understand that healing begins with a stronger body and a healthy lifestyle. Fill out our form to request your appointment. Request an Appointment

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Chiropractic therapy is more than just relieving the pain. We work to help you understand how to take care of your body so you can enjoy life to your full potential. Our healing ministry specializes in physical, nutritional, and structural health components, as well as spiritual healing. We offer therapy for all patients from infants to seniors, supplementing treatment with proper nutrition and exercise. Get involved in your own healing to prevent reinjury and accelerate the healing process - if you are looking for a Chiropractor in the Salem, OR area, call Dr. Owen today!

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